Thursday, March 3, 2011

designer for discount??

hey guys!
for the past few months I've been really cutting back on spending because I'm saving up for a trip, but of course my fashion cravings never cut back, so I've been getting really into those sites like Ideeli and HauteLook which sell really high quality brand/designer name clothes for seriously so much less. I thought I'd share them with you because they're great for get cute clothes on a budget. Sometimes there are BCBG tops for like $10!
HauteLook (has tons of cosmetic sales too)
the items they sell change periodically but new stuff is coming in all the time so I really recommend you check it out! These are a few of my favorites, I might post more later if you guys would like!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

lovely lips or enchanting eyes? spring 2011 beauty

Another fashion week beauty post! This time, its between bold eye makeup or statement lips. Here's what we saw for fall fashion week last year.

Jil Sander

Yves St. Laurent



Whether, it's the pop on the lips or the lids, bright strong colors were in to help compliment the garments. It's interesting to notice that no matter what, one feature was bright while the others were nude or even bare. Which look's your favorite?

balmain spring/summer 2011 rtw

Balmain for this spring showed a surprising yet charming repertoire in Paris last fall. Staying true to the edgy rocker theme, distressed leather and intense pops of color were the norm. The collection was diverse, although it presented a similar corset-on-cropped-skinny-jeans throughout the show. Despite a seemingly normal silhouette, I think its safe to say Balmain strayed from the norm with this spring collection, going hard rock while other designers went lyrically acoustic.

let me know what you think!

reds, distressed, metallic(a), leather, cropped pants

five word summary style challenge

I wanted to try something new. Lately I've been thinking about style and the way it fits into our everyday lives. And so, I present this challenge for you. I challenge you to summarize your style in five words, and if you'd like, post an outfit demonstrating your unique style (it'd be cooler if it was your outfit, but if not, a celeb icon would work too). Hope this challenges you like it challenged me! After a while, I might pick a few favorites and feature them on the front page, so feel free to let your true style shine.

beachy, free, earthy, young, with a girly touch

Monday, February 14, 2011

it's a weave- alexander mcqueen spring 2011 rtw

Oh House of McQueen, what will you think of next? Although he himself has passed, his love for the unexpected and whimsical lives on. I thought I'd do a beauty post because this eccentric style really caught my eye. The two-toned basket weave braid is intricate but still has the natural earthiness that I think really pulls the collection together in a cohesive way that wouldn't otherwise exist. However, I think "ready to wear" is a stretch. Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

erdem spring/summer 2011 rtw

You can scroll down and watch the entire show in the right sidebar. Let me preface this post by saying I have been a huge fan of Erdem since his first show in 2007 and have actually followed his progress very closely since. I'm so pleased with the prominence he has gained because he is extremely talented. That being said, I'm on the fence with this collection. I love the colors, but as for design I really see nothing new in this collection that builds off his previous success. Let me know what you think! It really reminds me of an English tea party in the garden, sort of like in Alice In Wonderland.

aberta ferretti spring 2011 rtw

The weight of the fabrics make the collection slouchy, but their apparent flow is reminiscent of ocean waves. The laid-back nature and effortless attitude of this collection gives this spring/summer a beachy-meets-woodsy feel. I love the contrast in textures as well as the use of neutrals that's anything but boring.

I'm stuck in February and this collection has me desperately searching for a nice beachy escape. I also love the relaxed feel there is because the models are wearing sandals as opposed to the go-to stilettos.

earthy, soft, eyelet, floral, slouchy

elie saab spring 2011 rtw

Elie Saab has always been one of my favorites. His aesthetic is comprehensive and always palatable. This spring, Elie is defining fashion with his contrast of strength and flow, metal with soft fabrics, and a young yet neutral color palette.

I noted the higher necklines that result in the leggier look, and I love the metallic notes he incorporated into every look.

crisp, fresh, vibrant neutrals, embellishment, graceful